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Cyanide Makes You Thirsty Tamara Henson

Cyanide Makes You Thirsty

Tamara Henson

Published June 23rd 2012
Kindle Edition
54 pages
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 About the Book 

Tamara Henson (Coffey) creates art, dolls and books inspired by legends, mythology, folklore and other timeless tales, as well as the ever-expanding universe in her head. She also stabs people for money as a tattoo artist and piercer. Tamara lives up a hollow in Barbourville, Kentucky with her husband Brandon, baby-dogs Harley and Scotty, and kitty-brats Twitterpater and Shiva, and little Freyja.Tamara is probably working on something creative right now, when she should be sleeping. All the people in her head are helping, so its not that lonely...To learn more about Tamaras PATHOS universe, go to her website:https://www.tamarahensonstudios.com